Party With Gaga!

March 6, 2012


Want to make your party unique and unforgettable? People of all ages love to party with the next best thing to Lady Gaga herself. 

The Lady Gaga Experience is tailor made for every event including Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthdays, Project Graduations, Bridal Showers, Corporate Events, Weddings and more. To make your party extra special, a custom designed Gaga teacup is presented to the guest of honor as a keepsake.  

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Lady Gaga Impersonator Lady DoppelGaga at a wedding reception

Imagine this:

Lights go down and your DJ announces that everyone should turn there attention to the screens for a very special guest, who has flown here from herejust for the party guest of honor.

Parent Association event at The Harvey School(photo by Gabe Palacio)


Lady Gaga’s official Fame ball intro video plays and the worlds top Lady Gaga lookalike enters and starts singing her biggest hits. Guests and children will do more than double take.  The Lady Gaga Experience was recently featured in MAZEL MOMENTS and is proud to be a 5 star rated tribute artist.



Sweet 16

The Lady Gaga Experience is interactive and brings your guest of honor right onstage to be a part of the performance.

Renee looks and sounds so much like Gaga in person that her party appearances have trended
online as celebrity sightings.

Our most popular party package includes the following:

  • An interactive performance of Lady Gaga Hits sung live and featuring the guest(s) of honor onstage.
  • Clients choice of favorite Gaga songs for the performance.
  • Exciting HD video intro to open and introduce the performance, direct from Gaga’s Fame Ball Tour and video backdrop. (For venues with tv screens only-these are not provided by artist.)
  • A unique custom made gift for the guest of honor presented by Gaga after the performance.teagaga
  • optional cake presentation, and Happy Birthday with crowd for birthdays.
  • Mix and mingle in character for unlimited photos and video. (Done immediately after performance.)



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